Natural tuna fillets Tonno Rosa Naturale, 400g
MARUZZELLA natural tuna fillet Handmade tuna fillets Maruzzella tuna fillets are processed by selecting only the best part of the tuna Packaging: glass 400g
Natural tuna, 2x100g
MARUZZELLA natural tuna Natural tuna is produced only from first choice, quality yellowfin tuna. It is a food for those who want a healthy, real and above all tasty product with a low fat content (less than 1%) Packaging: Metal...
Sardines in olive oil, 120g
MARUZZELLA sardines in olive oil Top quality sardines caught in the Atlantic Ocean To fully appreciate their great taste, it is recommended to remove the skin with a fork 120g
Tuna fillets in olive oil Filetti Di Tonno, 295g
MARUZZELLA tuna fillet in olive oil Handmade tuna fillets in olive oil Packaging: glass 295g
Tuna in olive oil, 160g
MARUZZELLA tuna in olive oil Packaging: Metal 160g
Tuna in olive oil, 200g
MARUZZELLA tuna in olive oil Packaging: Metal 200g
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